Deb ReheardHandling a case for one of America’s Heroes or their family will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have as an attorney. When I first started planning the Military Assistance Initiative for 2011, I knew it could serve a needed purpose for our veterans and I also knew it would be a rewarding experience for the attorney.

I did not know how rewarding until one of those cases where the family of a fallen soldier who needed my legal help came to my office in Eufaula.

I have to admit, the raw emotions of helping a family be sure their young son’s final wishes were fulfilled took its toll on my entire office emotionally. As an attorney, we are uniquely qualified and trained to help in these matters. You will never feel more rewarded or more proud of your profession than when you help one of America’s Heroes.

Deb Reheard, Eufaula

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